Urban Future Global Conference

Olso, Norwegen

Im Fokus des größten Events zur nachhaltigen Stadtentwicklung in Europa stehen die Themenfelder

  • Urban Mobility - Mobility holds one of the critical keys to sustainable cities. The decisions we make (or fail to make) today will have a tremendous impact on how we live in the future.
  • Built Environment & Architecture  hether it’s the amount of CO2 connected to construction, existing buildings’ hunger for energy, creating cities we want to live in or questions of land-use: many challenges must be solved.
  • Leadership - The transition to sustainable cities requires change on many levels, not at least of personal choices and how society sets priorities. And what these numerous change processes need the most is passionate leadership: whether personal, business or political leadership.
  • Green Business & Innovation - Businesses are an essential part of the solutions for more sustainable cities. Let’s collaborate, innovate and grow a sustainable economy.

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