Neue Publikationsinitiative zu Forschungen zu SDGs

Ziele Nachhaltiger Entwicklung
Ziele Nachhaltiger Entwicklung
Ziele Nachhaltiger Entwicklung

Quelle / Quoted from: IUSDRP HAW Hamburg


On Monday, 1st February 2021, the European School of Sustainability Science and Research (ESSSR)  and the International Sustainable Development Research Programme (IUSDRP)  will launch a major effort to promote and disseminate the results of scholarly research on matters related to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Titled "SDGs Academic Research and Publications Initiative" (SDG-ARPI).

It is aimed at filling in the gap on peer-reviewed papers, written by international, interdisciplinary teams addressing the SDGs, and published in high calibre journals. SDG-ARPI complements the impulse provided by highly successful "Encyclopedia of the UN Sustainable Development Goals", which, with 17 volumes, over 1.700 chapters and nearly 3.000 authors, is the most comprehensive editorial project on the SDGs ever undertaken.

The IUSDRP team will design the research and conceive the papers to derive from them, and will contact the colleagues who registered, with an invitation to join. Interested colleagues will be informed about the planned papers, their scope and methods, and may reflect if they are able to join. Those who do, may provide specific contributions, and be listed as co-authors. Since the chosen journals will all be fully indexed and with an impact factor, the time here is well invested. 

SDG-ARPI represents a good opportunity for both, personal and professional development, and also serves the purposes of enlarging one´s international network of contacts. Participation at SDG-ARPI entails no costs, but colleagues joining should be willing to invest the time needed in the team efforts to produce quality publications, which will advance the state of knowledge on sustainable development research as a whole, and on the SDGs in particular.

Members of academic staff from across all areas (e.g. social science, natural sciences, engineering, etc) interested to join this unique effort, should contact the IUSDRP team at:, with the following details:

  • Name and Surname:
  • Post:
  • Main SDGs of interest (please name up to 3 the 17 SDGs you are interested to undertake research on):
  • Organisation:
  • Country:
  • E-mail:

The deadline for registrations is 20th January 2021.

Contact and enquires: