Integrated Urban-Rural Concept for Production of Activated Carbon and Energy Sources from Residual Biomass


The Lake Constance provides a water supply for four million people. As a consequence, the municipalities located in the catchment area have a special responsibility for the purifica-tion of their wastewater, for which imported activated carbon is often used. With CoAct, this activated carbon is to be produced sus-tainably and regionally from residual biomass. In addition, storable energy sources are also to be produced, which promises further posi-tive effects for the sustainable development of the region.

Goals and approach

The project aims to convert residual biomass, such as trimming remains from the mainte-nance of wooded and nature conservation areas, into activated carbon and biochar for regional use. To achieve this goal, the neces-sary technical, economic, ecological and legal knowledge foundations are being developed. Actors, their relationships and interests are to be considered. Further, the decision-making and implementation processes are developed by city and regional authorities. 

Expected results and transfer

The project will end with recommendations for action that will enable the Lake Constance region to make concrete decisions and thus realize a positive sustainable impact. In addi-tion, the CoAct procedure and governance solutions will be made transferable for the use in other regions.

Project Lead / Contact

Dr.-Ing. Korbinian Kaetzl
Universität Kassel
Section Grassland Science and Renewable Plant Resources
Steinstraße 19
37213 Witzenhausen
Telephone: +49 5542 98 1242

CoAct: Lake Constanze Foundation © Andreas Ziermann / Bodensee-Stiftung
CoAct: Lake Constanze Foundation © Andreas Ziermann / Bodensee-Stiftung

Project Profile

Funding Measure:

Project Cluster:
Regional Material Cycles

Project Title:
CoAct – Integrated urban-rural concept for production of activated carbon and energy sources from residual biomass

01.07.2019 – 30.06.2023

Project Number:

Funding Amount:
2.005.209 €

- City of Friedrichshafen
- Lake Constance District
- Lake Constanze Foundation
- ifeu - Institute for Energy and Environmental Research Heidelberg
- IfLS - Institute for Rural Development Research
- Krieg & Fischer GmbH
- Pyreg GmbH
- German Technical and Scientific Association for Gas and Water - German Water Centre (TZW)


June 2020