A valuable urban-rural partnership through a cooperative land use strategy


Fast growing metropolises need more and more land for their economy, transportation and living space. In addition, the large cities rely on the resources of the surrounding area for the supply of food, drinking water and energy. Usually there is no comprehensive and cooperative land use strategy between the cities and the surrounding area.

Goals and approach

The inter-municipal community of Wurzener Land and the city of Leipzig are working on a valuable urban-rural partnership. The aim is to develop a cooperative land use strategy for the region. Through a market-oriented development of multiuse concepts, several services will be anchored on the same agricultural area, e.g. food production, drinking water production, biodiversity and climate protection. Synergies are to be developed and the regional added-value will be increased.

Expected results and transfer

The project develops practical solutions for inter-municipal organisational structures between urban and rural areas. It contributes to the implementation of the EU Water Framework Directive to improve the quality of groundwater and to the renaturation of rivers. The application of production-integrated compensation measures preserves agricultural land and thus the basis for healthy regional food and climate-friendly bioenergy. The "new Leipzig market place" will increase the regional value creation for Leipzig and its surrounding area.

Project Lead / Contact

Dipl.-Ing. Agr. Frank Wagener, Prof. Dr. Peter Heck
Hochschule Trier
Institut für angewandtes Stoffstrommanagement – IfaS
Telephone: +49 6782 17-2636
Email: f.wagener@umwelt-campus.de

WERTvoll: Project team in 2019 © IfaS
WERTvoll: Project team in 2019 © IfaS

Project Profile

Funding Measure:

Project Cluster:
Regional Products

Project Title:
WERTvoll – Urban-rural-partnership Leipzig & Surroundings

01.08.2018 – 31.07.2023

Project Number:

Funding Amount:
3.003.815 €

- Municipality Bennewitz (as representative of the Intercommunal Municipalities „Wurzener Land“: City of Wurzen, 
  Municipalities of Bennewitz, Thallwitz, Lossatal)
- City of Leipzig, Office of Environmental Protection, Mayor for Environment, Public Order and Sports
- Wassergut Canitz GmbH
- Private Institute for Sustainable Land Management GmbH – INL
- Schweisfurth Foundation

Website: https://wertvoll.stoffstrom.org

June 2020